19 May 2021
Environmental Sustainability
Powering up for less
Reducing our electricity costs helps us achieve our purpose of saving our customers money so they can live better.

In 2010, we set ourselves the goal of achieving a 10% overall business as usual reduction in electricity consumption by 2020. We exceeded this objective, achieving around a 20% reduction, and avoiding approximately R100 million in electricity costs annually.

One of the ways we ensure that we using less electricity is through a centralised energy monitoring facility, which provides real-time monitoring day and night of our South Africa store operations. Through it we are able to track energy usage, reconcile billing, alert stores of areas unnecessary consumption, and create benchmarks for the optimal use of energy.

We also incorporate energy efficiency technology to drive down consumption. These technologies include building management systems, LED lights, daylight harvesting cells, high-efficiency evaporative cooling systems and refrigeration plants. In addition, we have piloted energy-saving refrigeration doors at three sites which has resulted in a 40% reduction in refrigeration energy usage and improved cold holding temperatures at these sites.

To help our customers save money and also reduce their environmental footprint we offer energy efficient products at our stores and estimate that we helped them avoid nearly 18 million kWh and 18,250 tonnes of carbon emissions.

“…by achieving around a 20% reduction in electricity usage… we have avoided approximately R100 million in electricity costs annually.”