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Champion Social Equality Initiatives

We want to be responsive to socio-economic development opportunities in our direct sphere of influence

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment

Objective: To achieve and maintain Level 4 B-BBEE contributor status

Today’s South Africans are citizens of a young democracy and everyone deserves a dignified and prosperous life. We know that meeting this expectation is not only morally right, but also commercially prudent. We have therefore aligned our efforts to the Department of Trade and Industry’s BBBEE Code of Good Practice to ensure that we contribute to a sustainable and equitable society.

Massmart has a level four contributor status as verified by Empowedex
See B-BBEE Certificate Here

Corporate Social Investment

Objective: To invest a minimum of 1% profit after tax in education-focused social development initiatives

There are commentators who believe that it is enough for business to pay taxes, and that social upliftment is a distraction from business that should be the responsibility of the state. We disagree! It is clear to us that it requires the combined resources and expertise of both the private and public sector to overcome the social impoverishment caused by South Africa’s apartheid legacy.

Each of our trading entities donates one percent of after-tax profit to meet pressing social needs, with a preference for contributing towards educational initiatives that assist the poorest of the poor. We also try, wherever possible, to identify opportunities to leverage our retail capabilities to optimize the impact of our social upliftment activities

See Massmart Corporate Social Investment Policy

Women’s Economic Empowerment

Objective: To increase economic opportunities for women by improving employment, education and business opportunities

Walmart has a world-wide goal to empower women in employment and in the supply chain. At Massmart, women represent 45% of managers and professionals. We have started to profile women-owned suppliers in order to promote their merchandise to a broader audience of buyers within the group. As important is our initiative to understand the career barriers that confront women employees at Massmart; we achieve this through the deployment of an empowerment survey. Massmart offers a tailored leadership Development Programme and other courses in buying, merchandising and retail skills. These programmes create equal opportunities, but women are encouraged to take advantage of them. Massmart CEO’s Council of Women Leaders continues to promote gender equality and encourages women-to-women mentoring in our business.

Employee Health Care Benefits

Objective: To increase permanent employees access to affordable subsidised private medical benefits

Affordable healthcare in South Africa has been a subject of much debate since 2011. Employee welfare and affordable access to health cover for staff is important for Massmart.

Employee Wellness And HIV/Aids Benefits

Objective: To combat the rate of infection among employees and to ensure the wellness of our employees

Our Impilo wellness programme comprises one of the most comprehensive corporate HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programmes in the country. Impilo, offers 24 hour service 356 days per year including:

  • A fully funded HIV programme inclusive of medication for those with no medical cover
  • Support for those living with chronic diseases e.g. blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, weight, nutrition, cholesterol and HIV
  • Counselling to improve employees emotional wellness, physical wellness, financial guidance, legal support
  • Employee wellness day events including orientation sessions, health risk screening, eye tests, vendor exhibitions – these are held at our Head and regional offices, Distribution Centres and stores
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