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Minimise the Group environmental impact

We want to minimise the direct environmental impact of our retail infrastructure and operations.

Energy Efficiency

Objective: To improve energy efficiency in line with format specific energy intensity benchmark ranges
The rising cost of electricity and the need to more effectively manage carbon emissions makes the efficient use of electricity a necessity from both an operational cost and sustainability perspective. As a consequence, Massmart is focused on improving energy efficiency in line with format-specific energy intensity benchmarks. Key focus areas include, the role out of independent check meters to all stores to more accurately measure energy consumption and the development of energy intensity benchmarks and targets for all Group formats that distinguish between legacy and new store energy efficiency requirements.

Energy Efficiency Guidance Note
Renewable Energy Guidance Note

Waste Management

Objective: To recycle secondary packaging (specifically board and plastic waste) that is generated in stores and distribution centres
At a Global level, the depletion of natural resources and space limitations arising from urbanisation and population growth have highlighted the need for more socially and environmentally responsible waste management practices. Massmart produces modest volumes of operational waste, including paper; board; and plastic recyclables and food that has passed it’s in-store shelf life. Massmart is focused on reducing waste to landfill and assisting its suppliers and customers to do the same. This will be achieved at an operational level, through the implementation of store-based paper, board and plastic waste recycling, food donations and participation in supplier secondary packaging reuse initiatives.

Waste Management Guidance Note

Water Conservation

Objective: To harvest rainwater to supplement nurseries (at Builders Warehouse) and landscaping irrigation requirements
Given our absolute dependence on access to fresh water, the pressure is on to find creative ways to cut down on consumption and minimise wastage. Although Massmart uses modest volumes of water in its operations, the group is nevertheless taking proactive steps to reduce its water footprint. These initiatives take the form of rainwater harvesting in Massmart’s Massbuild division and capturing condensate water from the group’s refrigeration plants in Makro stores. Currently 53 Builders Warehouse and Builders Express stores and 8 Makro’s have water conservation initiatives underway.

Massmart Water Efficiency Guidance Note 2021

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