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Performance summary

for the 52 weeks ended 27 December 2020
R86.5 billion
2019: R93.7 billion
Trading profit before interest and taxation
R1,172.7 million
2019: R1,111.2 million
Loss for the period
(R1.8 billion)
2019: (R1.3 billion)
Headline loss*
(R0.9 billion)
2019: (R1.2 billion)
Headline loss before reorganisation, restructure and foreign exchange costs (taxed)*
(R0.5 billion)
2019: (R1.0 billion)


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All statistics reported are inclusive of IFRS 16, in both periods, unless stated otherwise.
*Restated 2019 to apply the SAICA Circular 1/2019 on headline earnings which resulted in a prior year amount of R5.7 million relating to the pre-tax loss arising from the partial or full termination of leases no longer being a headline earnings adjustment. Refer to note 1.