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An orchid for Massmart’s in-house magazine

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Companies seldom understand the importance of internal communication as part of their marketing mix. They are so focused on the external – customers – that they fail to talk to their own staff and, in so doing, fail to start a dialogue which can be vital for the business. Informed staff can be motivated staff – and motivated staff means happier customers and better sales.

Often when companies do look at internal communication, they produce newsletters or magazines which are truly dreadful: they’re boring because they are generally thrown together and feature prominently the thoughts of executives who believe their underlings must listen to their pearls if wisdom.

So I was pleasantly surprised recently to look at a copy of Personal Best, an in-house magazine produced for consumer retail giant Massmart.

Published by Shop Talk in Joburg, the magazine contained articles that were genuinely interesting and covered a range of topics, from improved health and benefit plans to the company’s corporate responsibility programme, which includes measuring its “carbon footprint”.

The articles were laid out in a simple, yet attractive way and were obviously put together by people with a feel for journalism rather than down-your-throats PRs.

The result was I found a number of things to read – and I learned something about the impact on the environment of disposable batteries that I didn’t know before.

An Orchid to Shop Talk for producing this interesting publication and an Orchid to Massmart’s management for allowing them to get on with it. I am sure it will have bottom-line benefits in some way.

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