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Makro M brand welcomes a new addition to the family

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Makro M brand welcomes a new addition to the family

Makro’s flagship private label brand,  M, continues to expand its territory in the frozen meals category.  Makro’s newly launched 300g ready-made frozen meals for one promise to offer a gourmet edge to lunches and dinner. M brand 300g ready-made meals come in six variants; including beef lasagne, spinach and ricotta cannelloni, penne carbonara, spaghetti bolognaise, beef bobotie and macaroni and cheese.

M was launched in Makro stores nationwide in 2010 with M tinned tuna as the first product. The brand has since grown in various categories from eggs and milk to frozen vegetables and even cleaning products.

Sales of private label goods have grown significantly in SA over the past few years. This can be attributed in some ways to customers seeking value alternatives thanks to rising costs eroding disposable income. But it can also be attributed to innovation by retailers in the category. This has led to a perception change:  private label goods are no longer viewed as lower price therefore lower quality but are seen as quality goods and real value for money.

Since 2012 Massmart has embarked on an initiative to identify opportunities to rationalize and improve private label packaging. The M detergent range makes use of more environmentally-sensitive packaging, which excludes PVC and has been designed to promote improved sorting, separation and recycling. The new range includes concentrated fabric softener which makes use of a much smaller bottle and requires less plastic to manufacture.

As Makro continues to innovate in this area, expect new products in store soon.


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