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Massmart Endorses Employee Union Rights

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Massmart notes the comments that have been made regarding perceptions of Walmart’s union relationships. Massmart management is mindful that a corporate transaction of this nature should be aligned with the rights of all Massmart’s stakeholders, which clearly includes the rights that unions have negotiated in our organisation.

We are committed to the principles of freedom of association for our employees and regard union membership as an important indicator of this commitment. In the spirit of this, the Massmart Chairman and the CEO contacted key Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and South African Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union(SACCAWU) leaders early on Monday morning as the Walmart announcement was released.

We have no doubt that Walmart will honour pre-existing union relationships and abide by South African Labour law. This view is supported by the statement made on the record by Andy Bond, the executive vice-president with responsibility for Walmart’s operations in the region, including the UK and Africa, who said: “What we hope to see is the continuation of the relationship that Massmart has with relevant unions in the country.”

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