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Massmart assists drought stricken communities

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Massmart has responded to urgent calls for aid in drought affected areas in South Africa. Together with disaster relief organization Gift Of The Givers in January, Massmart donated 25,000 litres of water; four x 5000 litre JoJo tanks and four waterpumps to water insecure communities in the Free State.

This week Massmart donated a further 20 000 liters of bottled water which will help drought stricken communities in several parts of the Free State and KwaZulu-Natal. This makes Massmarts total contribution, so far, in excess of 45000lt of water and 20000lt storage tanks.

Massmart Group Sustainability Manager Alex Haw says it was important for the company to ramp up its efforts. “Although many areas of the country have recently received good rain, South Africa is still facing its worst drought since 1982 with more than 2.7-million households potentially facing water shortages.

“The drought has been felt most acutely across the Free State and parts of KwaZulu-Natal, where it is already impacting livelihoods and agricultural productivity,” says Haw.

In effort to support affected communities, Massmart, partnering with Gift of the Givers, has prioritised the distribution of emergency water supplies and storage tanks to high risk communities in both these provinces.

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