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Makro, Samsung and DESCO Electronic Recyclers tackle e-waste

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Makro has partnered with Samsung Electronics South Africa and DESCO in an effort to combine resources and expertise to create a joint recycling programme. The partnership will provide an opportunity for South Africans to dispose of used electronic goods in an environmentally responsible manner.
Rising volumes of electronic waste (e-waste) are a significant concern prompting the need for comprehensive and sustainable e-waste management solutions. An estimated 3 tons per month per bin will be collected during the campaign period.


“E-waste has been identified as one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. As a leading retailer of high tech products and large appliances, it made sense for us to assist in reducing the volume of e-waste being sent to landfill,” explained Makro MD, Doug Jones. “This initiative provides both our retail and commercial customers with a convenient avenue to ensure their e-waste is recycled responsibly and in the event that this is not possible, it is safely disposed of.”


This partnership will ensure consumers can easily do their part to contribute to a cleaner and safer environment, by simply visiting one of 18 Makro stores across the country and using the DESCO/Samsung recycling bin at the entrance. Items that can be recycled include: mobile phones, IT equipment, entertainment electronics and household appliances.


“Through our PlanetFirst commitment, Samsung has embraced sustainability and placed it top of mind throughout our operations. We continuously seek ways to encourage our customers to find balance between a desire for innovative technology with a greener lifestyle. It is our responsibility as a manufacturer to ensure that our products are properly disposed of,” says Michelle Potgieter, Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Samsung Electronics SA.


“This campaign encourages the community to think about the environmental impact of their actions and the role they can play in bringing about positive change in their communities. We are proud to be associated with DESCO and Makro and look forward to making a difference to the environment with our partners,” says Potgieter.


Malcolm Whitehouse, Sales Manager at DESCO Electronic Recyclers, says: “It is our responsibility as custodians of this planet to ensure its sustainable existence through responsible recycling of all electronic waste, whilst following best practice for this type of industry. Ultimately, by doing this we can ensure the sustainability of our planet for generations to come.”


When e-waste ends up in landfills it may be toxic if handled and discarded improperly. DESCO offers the collection and recycling of old products, ensuring it stays off landfills. Electronics recycling takes place in a purpose-built recycling plant under controlled conditions, to protect plant workers and the environment, following their ISO 14001 certified processes. Driving improved consumer awareness has been identified as a key element for developing growth in the e-waste management industry.


Job creation
An important part of this initiative is to contribute towards more jobs being created in the green economy. Greater volumes of e-waste requiring processing at DESCO, means more employment at its e-waste management facility in Pomona, Johannesburg. Furthermore, as demand for e-waste recycling grows, more jobs will be generated to support independent recycling companies.


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