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Makro, big on recycling

E-waste poses a serious threat to human and environmental health. And according to a study by Greenpeace there is an ever-growing amount of TVs, computers and other electronic equipment being dumped in our landfills. To ensure that more re-usable and recyclable e-waste is reclaimed before it reaches our landfill sites, Makro has partnered with Samsung Electronics SA and Desco Electronic Recyclers. This joint e-waste recycling programme provides a convenient and responsible way of collecting and disposing e-waste.

Consumers can simply visit one of 18 Makro stores across the country and use the Desco/Samsung recycling bin at Makro entrances. Items that can be recycled include: mobile phones, IT equipment, entertainment electronics and household appliances.

This week JoburgToday TV Executive Producer, Marize de Klerk interviewed Massmart’s Group Sustainability Manager, Alex Haw, at Makro’s e-waste collection point. De Klerk focused on retailers’ involvement in the responsible handling and recycling process of e-waste.

So why did Makro get involved? Mr Haw said: “as a leading retailer of high-tech products and large appliances, it made sense for us to assist in reducing the volume of e-waste being sent to landfill sites”.

Mr Haw further highlighted that through the e-waste management initiative, Makro collects between 130-140 tonnes of postconsumer e-waste annually.

Click here to watch the video.

First published on JoburgToday
By Marize de Klerk
29 February

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