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Green award for PMBs Belgotex

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PIETERMARITZBURGS Belgotex Floors was yesterday awarded top honours at the 2015 Massmart Supplier Environmental Awards.

Now in its second year, the awards honour Massmart’s local suppliers for their commitment and exceptional performance in environmentally-sustainable business practices.

At a ceremony held at the World Wildlife Fund headquarters in Johannesburg, Massmart ‘s top 10 performing suppliers were recognised for their commitment to sustainable supply chain management, followed by the selection of an overall winner for 2015. Belgotex is one of the biggest employers in Pietermaritzburg.

“It is always difficult to choose just one winner, however in light of water scarcities that South Africa faces, we applaud the work that Belgotex is doing to reuse water and reduce energy and chemical consumption,” said Massmart Group sustainability manager Alex Haw.

Some of the company’s sustainable business practices and product development initiatives include installing the largest single roofmounted lMW solar plant in South Africa, as well as an onsite water treatment plant that re-uses all the water from their operations. Belgotex Floors’ solar plant currently provides five percent of their annual energy requirement, and the company has vastly reduced its water, chemical and energy consumption by making all its products from solution-dyed yarns and fibres.

Since 2009 Massmart has been surveying the environmental practices of key suppliers on a self-assessment basis. This process has enabled the company to profile the environmental practices of 1 000 suppliers, on up to 35 environmental indicators since 2011.

The surveys cover, among other things: packaging rationalisation, water conservation, operational energy efficiency, environmental product attributes, third party certification and biodiversity impact mitigation. The company has also developed additional surveys that deal with sustainable seafood and timber sourcing.

First published in The Witness.

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