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Corporate Social Investment

Walmart Foundation is committed to fighting hunger around the world (October 2012)

As part of Walmart’s mission to create opportunities so people can live better, the company has committed to making positiveimpacts in the communities they serve around the world. Two areas…

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Massmart’s approach to corporate social investment in 2012 (June 2012)

Every year Massmart invests one percent of profit after tax (PAT) inimpactful corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives. The programmes thegroup supports are designed to address the root causes of some…

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Massmart champions primary school feeding (June 2012)

Massmart’s corporate social investment goal is to offer the greatest possible positive impact inareas that matter most. At the root of some of South Africa’s biggest problems are causes that…

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Massmart continues drive to improve food security (December 2011)

Food security is a pressing issue in South Africa, so Massmart has prioritised feeding as one of its key CSI initiatives. The group has recently reiterated its commitment to this…

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Builders Warehouse encourages sustainable food production (October 2010)

Recent United Nations FAO and World Food Programme reports suggest that over 39% of South Africans are vulnerable to food insecurity, meaning they do not have regular, dependable access to…

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Game’s Amalunchbox promotes feeding with dignity at primary schools (April 2009)

One nutritious, well-prepared meal a day can make a vast difference in children’s educational development, especially those from disadvantaged schools who often face a long school day on an empty…

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Massmart is creating more opportunities for people with disabilities (February 2009)

Unemployment figures from Statistics South Africa for 2008 reflect that just over 23% of South Africa’s workforce is without full-time jobs. Many of the disabled persons representative bodies in the…

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Massmart’s approach to CSI is evolving (March 2008)

When the main ideas about the social responsibilities of business began to be formulated in the early 1970s, there were many books and articles written, many business and law courses…

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Massmart’s Youth Enterprise Development Programme (April 2006)

Massmart has entered into a partnership with the Umsobomvu Youth Fund to create an enterprise development venture that will benefit unemployed black youths.

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