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Stakeholder Engagement 2012

The importance of stakeholder engagement for Massmart (October 2012)

Stakeholder engagement, including formal approaches such as a survey or workshop and less formal discussions, correspondence and site visits, is increasingly becoming a part of mainstream business practice and central…

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Women's Empowerment

Massmart works to support women entrepreneurs (July 2012)

Massmart looks for ways to support income-producing ventures for women. This includes bringing greater numbers of women into its retail and wholesale supply chain, financing rural women entrepreneurs and helping…

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Human Capital

Massmart HIV/AIDS Performance and Risk Update 2014

Every year Massmart reviews its HIV/AIDS activities to ensure that its efforts sufficiently address this ongoing health crisis. What follows is a description of Massmart’s current rate of HIV infection…

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Corporate Social Investment

Walmart Foundation is committed to fighting hunger around the world (October 2012)

As part of Walmart’s mission to create opportunities so people can live better, the company has committed to making positiveimpacts in the communities they serve around the world. Two areas…

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Climate Change and the Environment

Smart approach to electronic waste disposal

Rapidly rising volumes of electronic waste (e-waste) present a growing environmental concern both locally and globally. E-waste which includes consumer items such as mobile phones, IT equipment (eg. computers, laptops,…

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Massmart welcomes Competition Commission’s findings on South African food retail business (January 2011)

In June 2009 the South African Competition Commission began an inquiry into alleged anti-competitive behaviour in the retail food industry. On 27 January 2011 the local supermarket industry was cleared…

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Store Development

Massmart in Africa – May 2012 Review (May 2012)

While all of Massmart’s stores serve customers in South Africa, some of the wholesale and retail group’s chains also run operations in other African countries. As of May 2012 Massmart…

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Massmart’s Direct Farm Programme – Ezemvelo (October 2012)

Sustainable agriculture is a key strategic initiative to drive affordability, quality and safety of food for our customers; enable security of supply; and reduce adverse environmental impacts.

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