26 April 2022
Massmart News
Massmart’s supply chain optimisation journey
Massmart's supply chain optimisation journey has formed a crucial part of its turnaround efforts by focusing on the consolidation of logistics, warehousing and stock control across its brands.

The revised model is more centralised and is enabling Massmart to experience several benefits at group level.  The model also benefits suppliers, through consolidated delivery drop off points.

These consolidated drop-off points are primarily three mega distribution centres located across South Africa – Brackengate in the Western Cape, Northfields in KwaZulu-Natal and Riversands in Gauteng. Having all three mega distribution centres up and running sooner than expected has significantly benefitted the group’s recovery from last year’s unrest. Moreover, it has proven to be invaluable in managing continued Covid-19 related disruption to international supply chains.

Looking forward, the Group is in the process of launching Trackmatic, a supplier platform that provides a data-led approach to improving stock forecast accuracy.

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