30 June 2021
Working at Massmart
We understand that associate wellness is critical to the achievement of Massmart’s organisational goals, which is why all Massmart associates have access to the Impilo Wellness Programme.

The Impilo Wellness Programme offers a broad spectrum of confidential wellbeing services providing associates with appropriate professional guidance.

The scope of the counselling services addresses the following:

Psychosocial counselling

Counselling for associates and their immediate eligible family members is provided by registered professionals who address a broad range of psychosocial concerns such as relationship issues, trauma, bereavement and addiction.

Financial consultation

Telephonic guidance, provided by qualified professionals, geared towards improving financial wellness by focusing on matters such as financial planning, budgeting, saving, debt management and tax advice.

Legal advice

Telephonic support, provided by qualified professionals, to address legal matters such as family law, contracts, property law and consumer rights. If necessary, a referral for one 30-minute consultation per case, with an attorney, may also be made available.

Family care resource service

A reliable hub for the provision of resource information to address a wide range of needs geared towards assisting associates to care for and support their family members. Resource categories include but are not limited to caring for the elderly and children, rehabilitation facilities and general support services.

Managerial consultation

Providing managers with a professional sounding board and advisory service to empower them to effectively handle complicated, uncomfortable and difficult ‘‘people management’’ issues