17 August 2021
Diversity and Inclusion
Introducing Massmart’s new Women in Leadership Council
With a 48% female workforce, we have phenomenal talent at different levels of the organisation. The Women in Leadership Council's mandate is to drive specific programmes and initiatives that support this talent.

The Women in Leadership Council forms part of Massmart’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts and is committed to advocating for and advancing gender equity, women’s leadership and career development in Massmart. The WILC’s mission is to provide women with the knowledge, skills, confidence and clear career paths, in an environment that promotes alignment between business and personal career aspirations by:

  • Ensuring equitable representation of women in all roles;
  • Address unconscious bias;
  • Developing a women in leadership programme;
  • Providing access to development programmes that build knowledge, provide skills & build women’s confidence as leaders;
  • Providing mentorship & sponsorship opportunities to help women advance their careers; and
  • Providing access to networks that will help create a foundation of support to set women up for success

Watch this video to learn more about the WILC