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Performance summary

Massmart, with total half-year sales of R39.6 billion, comprises two Business Units operating 420 retail and wholesale stores, in 13 sub-Saharan countries. Through our widely-recognised, differentiated retail and wholesale formats, we have leading market shares in the General Merchandise, Liquor, Home Improvement and Wholesale Food markets. Our key foundations of high volume, low cost and operational excellence enable our price leadership.

for the 26 weeks ended 28 June 2020
R39.6 billion
2019: R43.8 billion
Trading (loss)/profit before interest and taxation
(R266.6 million)
2019: R318.9 million
EBITDA, before non-trading items
R1,253.5 million
2019: R1,867.3 million
Loss for the period
R1.2 billion
2019: R0.8 billion
Headline loss
R1.1 billion
2019: R0.8 billion*
Headline loss before reorganisation, restructure and foreign exchange costs (taxed)
R1.0 billion
2019: R0.7 billion*


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All statistics reported are inclusive of IFRS 16, in both periods, unless stated otherwise.
*Restated 2019 to apply the SAICA Circular 1/2019 on headline earnings which resulted in a prior year amount of R5.7 million relating to the pre-tax loss arising from the partial or full termination of leases no longer being a headline earnings adjustment. Refer to note 1.