Integrated Annual Report 2021
Integrated Annual Report 2021
Our strategy:
Stabilise and Focus
Through strong execution
of our Turnaround plan
Divest non-core assets to drive
sustainable proftable growth
Accelerated growth in
e-commerce, key categories
and geographies
Through strong execution
of our Turnaround plan
Divest non-core assets to drive
sustainable proftable growth
Accelerated growth in
e-commerce, key categories
and geographies
Group operating model Completed the reorganisation of the business to establish a low-cost, customer-first structure with two business units served by centralised support areas. This has set us up to sustainably leverage scale to minimise costs and optimise growth opportunities


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Our people

Our Supply Chain

Our omnichannel offering

Portfolio optimisation Creating a portfolio geared for sustainable future growth through exiting non-core businesses, markets and stores

  • Divested the DionWired banner in 2020 (23 stores)
  • Divested 11 under-performing Cambridge and Cash & Carry stores
  • Completing the divesture of the Cambridge, Rhino and Massfresh businesses and assets (discontinued operations)
  • Completing the divesture of 12 Cash & Carry stores
Reinvigorating Game Executing greatly enhanced CVP combined with structural interventions to fortify the core business

  • CVP interventions demonstrating solid performance uplift:
    • Removed Fresh and introduced basic apparel in Game South African stores
    • Relayed all 114 South African Game stores
  • Nearing execution of sale of 14 East and West African stores
  • Divestment process underway of 15 non-core South African stores
  • Structural interventions underway to further reduce overhead costs to build on expense reduction of 5.8% in 2020
  • Reinforcing focus on key customer destination categories
  • Accelerated omnichannel offerings
    • Increased online shoppable range to 78.5% (up from 52.5% in January 2021)
    • 72.0% increase in online sales growth
    • Gross Merchandise Value increased by 56%: orders increased by 113% and revenue increased by 47%
Wholesale integration Integrating our Wholesale business to build on our market leading position

  • Progressed IT unification project, on track for full implementation in 2023
  • Successfully implemented organisation restructure to gain greater productivity and efficiencies from a single Wholesale team across merchandise, marketing, finance and operational excellence
  • Successfully completed the CEO leadership transition of the business unit


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Supply Chain optimisation Delivering an integrated Supply Chain to unlock Group leverage benefits to achieve cost-effective on shelf availability and enable omni-fulfilment

  • Consolidating our network into three state-of-the-art omni DCs
  • Implementing a one best way approach, leveraging Walmart supply chain expertise and capabilities
  • Centralising volume through our DC network


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Cost reset Fundamentally changed the cost base, embedding sustainable cost management practices and delivering on our R1.8 billion saving ambition

  • R1.6 billion in total SG&A savings unlocked against R1.8 billion three-year ambition
    • leading to reduction of addressable spend from R10.4 billion to R8.6 billion
  • Cost of goods sold savings of R185 million secured through data-driven negotiations
  • Identified additional cost savings through our Group GNFR Procurement team



27% Site services & supply costs

21% Other (e.g. travel, marketing, professional services)

20% Rent (real estate)

13% Utilities

11% Transport

8% Technology infrastructure


Pursuing growth opportunities in General Merchandise, Home Improvement and Wholesale Food and Liquor market leadership


Accelerating e-commerce

Investing to become a leading B2C & B2B e-commerce destination

50-65% GMV growth potential (compound annual growth rate)

  • Leading websites and applications: 15% e-commerce participation rate*
  • Leading on-demand/last mile platform: 65% of deliveries within 1 day*
  • Leading marketplace: 65x growth in shoppable range*

*Five-year target


Capitalise on our Home Improvement leadership

Refresh our stores and expand into untapped markets with our proven multi-format offering

R1.9 billion – R2.9 billion sales growth potential*

  • Refresh our in-store experience by remodelling >55% of our stores: sales uplift potential of ~5% per store (format dependent)
  • Expand our reach by growing our footprint by ~50%: growth potential R1.6 billion – R2.5 billion
  • Win in trade by disrupting building material retailing: 10% growth potential

*Remodels and new stores

Elevate our winning Wholesale Food and Liquor Position

Leverage our cost advantage to capture untapped informal and formal market opportunities and strengthen our reach

R11 billion – R14 billion sales growth potential

  • Refresh our in-store experience by remodelling >50% of our stores: growth potential R1 billion – R2 billion*
  • Expand our reach by growing our Makro footprint by ~25%: growth potential R5 billion – R7 billion*
  • Empower the informal and B2B market by driving penetration through Wholesale integration and an engaged customer relationship (Makro Card and customer analytics): growth potential ~R5 billion

*Over five years