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Responding to stakeholder issues
Responding to stakeholder issues
To assess the quality of our relationships and ensure we are effectively addressing the needs, expectations and concerns of our stakeholders we engage with our stakeholders through a number of structured interventions described in our stakeholder relationships section. The hot topics and key issues our stakeholders raised in our engagements, and our response to these issues, are set out below.
Plastic waste and pollution
Issues raised

The increased volumes of non-recyclable packaging waste, particularly single use plastics, which are contributing to pollution and ultimately compromising the environment.

Our response
  • We developed a position on single use plastics and packaging
  • We established a packaging review process for all new Private Label product packaging
  • We hosted workshops with key suppliers and associates on designing more sustainable packaging
  • We developed a sustainability specification for single and multi-use plastic bags and paper bags ensuring they are fully recyclable
  • Together with the South African Plastics Recycling Organisation (SAPRO), we hosted a workshop on packaging designing for our Private Label buying teams
  • Our target, in line with the Walmart Global commitment, is to achieve 100% recyclable Private Label packaging by 2025.
Local community development
Issues raised

Local community members raised their frustration regarding insufficient engagement and local employment during the construction of new stores.

Our response
  • We have developed an internal framework to assist us in ensuring sufficient engagement with local communities prior to the construction/development of new stores
  • In line with this framework, we seek to identify potential employment opportunities for local community members in areas where we develop new stores.
IT systems capability and capacity to support future growth
Issues raised

Concerns raised regarding the ability of our current IT systems to support the future growth and complexities of the Group.

Our response
  • We are working to ensure our IT capabilities support our future business needs in a digital world
  • We are drawing on global resources at Walmart to support our IT ambitions
  • We are working with Walmart’s Development Centre, which is based in India, for additional tech support so that we are able to leverage their expertise and experience.