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Our stakeholder relationships
Our ability to fulfil our commitment is dependent on the transparent trust-based relationships we build with our customers, suppliers, employees, regulators, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.
Our customers

The people who choose to shop in our stores in 13 countries across sub-Saharan Africa and online

Our turnaround plan

Day-to-day liaison, call centres, online, surveys and social media
3,041 specifc customer engagements including household, Private Label, Game and Proudly South African customers
2018: 5,682

What matters to them:
  • Price competitiveness
  • Product availability, quality and safety
  • Game’s CVP
We create value for our customers by:
  • Collaborating internally and leveraging Group scale to reduce costs and pass savings on to our customers
  • Improving customers in-store experience through investing in technology
  • Providing responsibly sourced products
Our response:
  • Saved customers in excess of R300 million over Black Friday through Group collaboration
  • Made 114 Private Label brands available in our portfolio
  • Hybris online interruptions and delayed SAP S/4 HANA ERP implementation
  • Online sales decreased by 6.0%
  • Revitalising Game’s CVP as part of our turnaround plan

The suppliers and service providers that enable us to carry out our business activities

Responsible business

Advocacy surveys, site visits and workshops 251 supplier Environmental Advocacy Surveys
2018: 320
16 Private Label palm oil and pulp and paper suppliers surveyed
2018: 16

What matters to them:
  • Brand custodianship
  • Fair pricing and transparent negotiation
  • Transformation and supplier development
We create value for our suppliers by:
  • Creating supply chain efficiencies to ensure products reach desired markets cost-effectively
  • Building fair and mutually beneficial business relationships
  • Supporting small local manufacturers through our SDP
  • Promoting responsible environmental supply chain practices
Our response:
  • Integrating the supply chain to promote cost-effective on-shelf availability at a lower cost to serve
  • Through our relationship with Walmart, created potential opportunities for nine local suppliers and small manufacturers from our SDP to export goods to Walmart markets
  • We drive product traceability within our supply chains
  • We ensure fair wages and safe working conditions through our Responsible sourcing programme

The 51,000 FTEs who work across our business

Empowering our people

Remuneration report

Regular interactions, performance reviews and career planning discussions, internal communication, town hall meetings and BUA employee engagement survey

What matters to them:
  • Competitive remuneration and benefits
  • Career development and growth opportunities
  • Equal opportunities
We create value for our associates by:
  • Delivering fair and responsible remuneration
  • Preparing our associates for future roles by ensuring they are change ready and digitally empowered
  • Establishing a diverse and inclusive workplace and culture where all our associates feel valued and respected for the work they do and the diversity of thinking and culture they bring to the Group
Our response:
  • Ongoing remuneration reviews at all levels conducted by the Remuneration Committee
  • R200.4 million spent on training and upskilling our associates
  • Launched the Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Reviewed the Massmart Corporate University offering
Government and civil society

The Government departments, JSE, regulatory bodies and local authorities and civil society groups in the communities in which we operate

Q&A with our CEO

Public policy discussions and engagement with consumer interest groups, working groups and workshops

What matters to them:
  • Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
  • Contribution to economic development
  • Responsible sourcing of priority products
We create value for Government and civil society by:
  • Contributing to fiscal revenue through the payment of taxes and economic development through our SDP
  • Investing in education-focused social development initiatives
  • Improving our resource efficiency (energy, water, waste)
Our response:
  • Maintain the highest BBBEE status (Level 4) in retail in South Africa
  • Procured over R2.9 billion from small suppliers in 2019 and R1 billion from suppliers on our SDP since inception
  • Included on the FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Top 30 Index

The 5,291 institutional and private investors who have shares in our business, and the fund managers and analysts who support our shareholders

Q&A with our CEO

Our turnaround plan

Investor presentations, meetings and roadshows and the Annual General Meeting

What matters to them:
  • An improved and sustainable return on their investment
  • Our strategic response to the changing operating environment
  • Good corporate citizenship
We create value for our shareholders by:
  • Efforts made to reduce costs
  • Ensuring future success of the business
  • Ensuring responsible corporate governance practices
Our response:
  • Implemented initiatives to drive a low-cost mindset
  • Implemented a turnaround plan to ensure the future success of the Group
  • Ensured continued ethical and effective leadership by the Board