Analyst presentation and preliminary announcement                      
Final dividend declared                      
Cape Town institutional investor road show                      
Johannesburg institutional investor road show                      
Final dividend paid                      
Publication of Integrated Annual Report                      
Annual General Meeting                      
Analyst presentation and preliminary announcement                      
Interim dividend (if declared)                      
Cape Town institutional investor road show                      
Johannesburg institutional investor road show                      
Interim dividend paid                      
United States institutional investor road show                      
United Kingdom institutional investor road show                      
Financial year-end                      

We strive to provide useful and frequent disclosure to our shareholders.

Massmart reports formally to shareholders twice a year (in February and August) when its full-year and half-year results, together with a thorough Executive overview, are announced and issued to shareholders and the media. On both occasions the CEO, CFO and certain Group Executives give presentations to institutional investors, analysts and the media.

Early in January and July, shortly after the conclusion of the full-year and half-year trading periods, on release of the Integrated Annual Report and at the Group’s AGM in May, Massmart releases sales updates reporting on the Group’s year-to-date sales performance. In addition, annually in May, the CEO and CFO host a day-long visit by institutional analysts and investors to Massmart stores. A sales update is released along with this visit.

During the year, apart from closed periods, the CEO and CFO together meet regularly with institutional shareholders and, in addition, are available for meetings or conference calls with analysts and any existing or prospective Massmart shareholder.



Share Data:

31 December 2017 – 30 December 2018

Closing price, 28 December 2018 R103.00
Share price (52 weeks high) R178.48
Share price (52 weeks low) R86.35
Market Cap (billions) R22.28
Shares in issue (millions) 217.2
Shares traded (millions) 156.7
Percentage of shares traded 72.2%
Reuters MSMJ.J
Bloomberg MSM SJ


Additional information

Net asset value per share (cents) 2,999.4 2,900.6
Ordinary shares (000’s):    
– In issue 217,179.1 217,145.5
– Weighted average (net of treasury shares) 216,390.6 215,276.1
– Diluted weighted average 221,078.7 219,352.1
Preference shares (000’s):    
– Black Scarce Skills Trust ‘B’ shares in issue 2,797.7 2,831.3
Capital expenditure (Rm):    
– Authorised and committed 958.8 797.6
– Authorised not committed 1,413.9 1,378.3
US dollar exchange rates: – year end (R/$) 14.47 12.44
– average (R/$) 13.18 13.37