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Ensuring high levels of consumer safety
Consumer protection and product safety compliance
The Massmart Consumer Protection and Product programmes continue to advance consumer rights advocacy, and local/global maturity levels. For 2018, the focus was on store operations process implementation, as well as ecommerce process design that was aimed at increasing customer satisfaction.
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Our 2018 efforts were underpinned by:

  • Driving the culture of ‘doing the right thing’ all the time through thought leadership;
  • Training all in-store operations management to better serve our customers;
  • Maintaining and building strong regulatory relationships both in existing and future ex-SA markets;
  • Supporting the ecommerce supplier/seller policies aimed at safe, compliant and good quality products on offer to our customers; and
  • Mitigating legal and regulatory risk by improving product levels of safety and quality.

Massmart’s Product Safety programme continues to impress regulators in South Africa, with numerous acknowledgements and requests to work in advancing national Product Safety policy amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Greater emphasis has also been placed on timeous precautionary product quarantines and recalls when such risk arises.

Areas of improvement regarding our Consumer Protection programme (most notably on-time delivery and product-price-accuracy, especially in relation to growing online sales) have been identified through our customer complaints processes. In response to this, advanced process controls will be implemented in 2019 to balance and improve customer experience both online and in-store.

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Food safety and hygiene
An effective Food Safety programme results in customer loyalty; improved customer service; and reduced chance of customer incidences, regulatory findings and product recalls.  Our Food Safety programme includes: food safety (external and internal) audits at store, manufacturing plants and supplier levels; product and environmental testing, food fraud testing; recalls; regulatory inspection management; and food safety training and monitoring programmes. 
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In 2018, the focus was on improving food safety standards in our stores, processing facilities and DCs. We were audited against the highest global and local food safety standards, which revealed a significant improvement in our overall food safety results.

We continue to work closely with our Private Label suppliers to implement the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards and we have seen good progress with the overall compliance. In 2018 product testing was conducted by a SANAS accredited laboratory at both product and store levels to ensure compliance to food safety standards.  

We noted an increase in the product recalls in 2018, in comparison to 2017, due to the listeriosis outbreak in South Africa and the general increased awareness around food safety. The reduction in DC audits was due to the consolidation of DCs across our business, which resulted in more effective supply chain initiatives being implemented.













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Health and Safety
We believe that Health and Safety is an integral part of the way we conduct business, this is embedded in our culture. In doing so our Health and Safety programme is focused on three key areas:
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  • Reduction of Safety related incidents in the workplace: our ongoing communication, training and awareness programmes have improved health and safety standards and steered consistency across the Group. This is evidenced by the reduction in the number of injuries relating to the manual handling of equipment/products. These initiatives will continue in 2019;
  • Ensuring effective safety standards relating to equipment: additional safety standards were implemented to drive consistency around operational requirements, machine operations and other safety rules; and
  • Through our ongoing focus on training, communication and awareness, we have noted a decrease in both customer and staff injuries. We are pleased to report that no fatalities occurred.
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