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Empowering our people
As a Group, Massmart is faced with a turbulent economic environment and changing consumer demands. Our continued relevance depends on our ability to effectively harness the combined talent of our people in order to be able to continue to meet the needs of our customers. Determining the capabilities required to drive the Massmart of the future, together with the challenges we have encountered in securing the right talent, led to us refining our key people priorities. Our focus is on ensuring we have digitally enabled talented teams with a breadth of experience in a diverse and inclusive environment.
Our key people priorities are:
Digital mindset, technology enablement
Transform our talent
Create a high-performance culture
Strengthen diversity and inclusion

Provide training, tools and systems that enable ‘digital first’ ways of thinking
In our dynamic operating environment, we are compelled to leverage technology as a competitive advantage for Massmart’s growth strategy. Over the past few months Massmart has been working on developing a Group IT strategy and plan in order to capitalise on technology platforms to create a differential advantage through technical innovation and operational excellence. Aligned to the theme of optimising our IT landscape, we identified the need to build IT skills and capacity as well as to develop leaders with a digital mindset.
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We have thus made it a priority to provide training, tools and systems to enable a digital mindset and integrated this priority into all aspects of our people agenda. In delivering on our ambition, the Human Resources (HR) community continues to build momentum on its HR IT roadmap, achieving the following in the year under review:

  • By providing both desktop and mobile access, the talent management system implemented in 2018 facilitated a comprehensive succession planning review of over 4,000 leaders;
  • Our employee self-service function, a web-based application that provides employees with access to their personal records and payroll details, was implemented in another two Divisions, growing the usage to over 5,000 across all facilities. Once made available on mobile devices it is anticipated that usage will increase further;
  • For the first time, our employee engagement survey was completed online by over 12,000 employees using various devices. This has built a strong business case for Wi-Fi and mobility in our stores and other facilities;
  • We are currently building HR analytics capability to not only provide supportive and predictive data to leadership and HR business partners, but also to highlight and measure HR data integrity; and
  • 2019 will see the implementation of a Group-wide learning platform to take learning from the classroom and allow for accessibility through eLearning. In future, this platform will also form part of a larger integrated human capital management system.
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Equip leaders to transform our business through rewards, environment and ways of working
In 2018, we rolled out the TalentPrint system to approximately 4,600 employees and their managers. Employees were given an opportunity to update their individual talent profiles thereby improving the quality and accuracy of talent reporting.
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The business intelligence generated through this process provided us with rich data, informing our decisions around succession, attraction and retention. With this multifaceted knowledge of our people we are better able to determine their aspirations and potential; their levels of engagement; their capabilities; and development needs.

We also refreshed our competencies as part of our ongoing effort to modernise our approach to talent management. This in turn has informed our development approach as we embarked on the Leadovate Project, a Group-wide initiative to renew our corporate learning agenda. Some of the benefits we expect to realise from the corporate learning agenda renewal include:

  • Building the digital and innovative workforce of the future;
  • Linking our competencies and business objectives;
  • Refining our talent management programme assessment; and
  • Ensuring a strong pipeline of inclusive, diverse and experienced leaders.

The outcome of the project will shift us from a transactional, face-to-face, largely un-quantified impact learning function (with pockets of excellence) to an agile, digitally enabled, collaborative and facilitated learner driven experience that focuses on performance and impact at scale.

Our learning and development operating model seeks to accelerate learning and future readiness of our employees. It achieves this by offering customised, integrated, agile, digitally-enabled learning options and journeys, which enable team and business performance, innovation, culture, transformation and sustainability. This integrated approach to talent and learning has ensured that we:

  • Grow and develop our people year-on-year;
  • Improve readiness, succession planning and retention of talent;
  • Enable business critical capabilities for strategic advantage; and
  • Build competencies to drive innovation, performance, culture, talent and the Customer and Employee Value Proposition (CVP and EVP).
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Elevate performance across the business through rewards, environment and ways of working
Competition for talent is aggressive and requires consistent scanning of both the internal and external talent environment to remain relevant in attracting and retaining career retailers and critical leadership skills. To this end we have driven a pay-for-performance compensation programme aligning shareholder considerations with strategy implementation.
Employee engagement at all levels is monitored and addressed through a variety of initiatives.
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Strengthen diversity and inclusion
Embed diversity and inclusion in everything we do, enabling a competitive advantage
We have embarked on several initiatives to drive diversity and inclusion in order for Massmart to become a truly diverse company that mirrors our customers and the communities we serve.
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We strive to create a culture that has, as its hallmark, the values of mutual respect, collaboration and empowerment. As a company we ensure that all team members are valued for all of their various characteristics, skills and abilities, so that they can achieve their full potential and contribute wholeheartedly to the success of the Company. Our diversity and inclusion programme includes the following initiatives:

  • An active Employment Equity Committee is being established in each business unit;
  • Policy reviews are conducted to ensure that there are no implicit barriers to diversity and inclusion;
  • Mentoring programmes are made available;
  • Accredited graduate development programmes for our operations, merchant, supply chain, marketing, finance, legal and digital teams are offered;
  • Unconscious bias workshops are made available to leaders;
  • The Women in Leadership Councils established in each Division seek to increase women in operational roles. The Councils explore possible organisational barriers to the progression of women, explore opportunities for women to expand their influence and provide mentoring opportunities for women by women;
  • External mapping of talent in retail specific functional roles to ensure that we increase diversity on selection slates;
  • Incorporating unconscious bias training in learning journeys conducted through the Leadovate Project and employee on-boarding;
  • Participation in the ‘Bring a girl child to work’ annual day;
  • Quiet rooms are available for pregnant and nursing mothers; and
  • A religious leave policy accommodates diverse religious festivals.
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