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Saving our customers money so they can live better
Total sales
R91,250.0 million
2015: R84,731.8 million
Operating profit before interest
R2,483.4 million
2015: R2,150.4 million
Headline Earnings
R1,293.3 million
2015: R1,118.8 million
Our CEO’s letter to our stakeholders
Strong growth in a tough environment
‘Most Massmart Divisions performed exceptionally well in the tough South African consumer environment...’
2016 the year in review
Good margin management and great expense control underpinned our results
Headline earnings growth across our four Divisions
We remain focused on our four strategic priorities
Through our promotions, we saved our customers R1.9 billion in 2016
Bringing nutrition and dignity to 200,000 South African children a year
We are proud to present Massmart’s 2016 Integrated Annual Report