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Massmart Ethics

Our competitive advantage is the trust we build and maintain with our customers, communities, associates, and business partners. The Massmart Code of Conduct 2021 (Code), replaced the Massmart Code of Ethical Conduct, 2017.

Acting consistently with our purpose and our values demands that a culture of integrity guides all our decisions. We are dedicated to doing business the right way. Our Code reflects who we are as a company and shows how we bring our culture of integrity to life in our work every day – Integrity builds Trust.

It focuses on behaviour’s that: Build Trust with our Associates, Build Trust with our Customers and Build Trust in our Business.

We continually encourage our associates to think about their behaviour’s and make sure that we
are creating a culture that inspires trust.

At Massmart our expected standard of ethical behaviour is described in the Massmart Code of Conduct.

See below our Global Anti-Corruption Policy:

Ethics Reporting and Guidance Line

The Code also outlines the support that is available to our associates. We also encourage our business partners and customers to also report ethical concerns via the platform below:

South Africa 0800 203 246
Toll Free Number (Telkom Smart-Access)
Botswana 00269-800-7861-036
Toll Free Number
Ghana 0307-084-830
Toll Free Number
Kenya 08002-219-008
Toll Free Number
Lesotho 800 62000
Toll Free Number
Malawi 800-026-9000
Toll Free Number
Mozambique 824001
Toll Free Number (TMcel)
Namibia 0800 000 077
Toll Free Number (Telecom Namibia)
Nigeria 7-080-601-109
Toll Free Number
Swaziland 800 1333
Toll Free Number (SPTC/EPTC)
Tanzania 0800 78 0006
Toll Free Number
Uganda 0800 113224
Toll Free Number
Zambia 8877
Toll Free Number (ZICTA)



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