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Massmart Ethics

Massmart recognised that unethical practice in our internal operations and/or our supply chain has the potential to damage our brands, undermine stakeholder trust and tarnish the Group reputation. Our expected standard of ethical behavior is described in the Massmart Code of Ethical Conduct.

In 2017 the Massmart Code of Ethical Conduct was revised to align it with the Walmart Statement of Ethics. This Code comprises of numerous sections: introduction, raising concerns and speaking out, leading with integrity in the -workplace, -marketplace and -communities, an index and full contact details.

We promote the principles and standards contained within this Code to both our employees and suppliers through activities that include:

  • Appointed and trained an Ethics Officer at Group Level and Group Ethics Managers that service each division.
  • Ethics reporting at Group and Divisional Boards, Social and Ethics Committee.
  • Conducting employee surveys, displaying ethics awareness, conducting focused training and distributing a booklet of the Code to all new and existing employees with related promotional material
  • Operating an anonymous Ethics Reporting Line and Ethics Guidance line

Our Anti-Corruption Policy
Massmart’s Consumer Protection Policy Statement
Massmart’s Product Safety Policy Statement

Ethics Guidance Line

Massmart Ethics questionm 1B
There to help you seek guidance on the Code of Ethical Conduct, company policies and ethics dilemmas

South Africa 0800100 200
Rest of Africa +27 31 571 5481

Ethics Reporting Line

Massmart Ethics logo Trust 1B
There to help you report workplace dishonesty, fraud and other unethical behaviour

South Africa 0800 203 246

All Networks

Botswana 0800 600 644 BTC


Ghana 233-544 315 491
Kenya 0800 722 626
SafaricomEssar & Airtel
Lesotho 80022055

Econet only

+27 31 571 5488

Malawi 847 ZAIN, ACCESS, & TNM

80000847 MTL

Mozambique 800112233 TDM

800 333 312 Vodacom

Namibia 0800 003 313 Namibia

Telcoms Fixed

08191847 Mobile MTC

Nigeria +234 708 060 1872

+234 809 993 7319


Swaziland 800 7006 SPTC only
Tanzania 0800 780026 Airtel



Uganda 800100255 UTL only

+2731 571 5488

Zambia 260-971231250 Airtel only
Rest of Africa +27 31 571 5488
South Africa 32846
Rest of Africa +27 72 014 4445


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