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Massmart Corporate University

The Massmart Corporate University was created to enable a robust, flexible and diverse workforce. Kevin Wheeler defines a corporate university as “a chief vehicle for disseminating an organization’s culture and fostering the development of not only job skills, but also such core workplace skills as learning to learn, leadership, creative thinking and problem solving”.

Through this virtual institution Massmart aims to:

  • build a strong talent pipeline
  • retain key talent
  • facilitate best in-class training and development solutions
  • align the learning agenda with business strategy
  • maximise our return on learning and development investment

The offering of the university is tailored to suit industry best practice and to address the strategic objective of Massmart Group. Our business agenda informs and shapes all interventions of the university. The university exists to serve our business agenda and strategic priorities. We focus not only on functional acumen, but also on strategic thinking, leadership, problem-solving and personal mastery.
Our virtual university has access to renowned content experts and faculty from local and overseas institutions. All our materials are designed by content experts and Massmart subject matter experts. The academic rigour and high quality delivery methods supports our commitment to life-long learning. We have no doubt that our corporate university empowers our employees and enhances our competitive advantage.

University structure

The Massmart University comprises four Schools, each with a specific focus and bespoke syllabus.

  • School of Leadership Development: Executive Sponsor, Grant Pattison CEO of Massmart.
    This School is designed around senior decision makers. The programmes are focussed on Executives, where experiential learning and the sharing of ideas are deemed paramount.
  • School of Retail Excellence: Executive Sponsor, Tyrone Vieira, Merchandise Director of Massdiscounters.
    This School focuses on scarce and critical skills, where we offer solutions around retail strategies, merchant development and retail executive learning experiences.
  • The School of Management Development: Executive Sponsor, Doug Jones MD of Makro.
    This School focuses on shaping behaviours and empowering leaders with essential conceptual and interpersonal skills. This school too is responsible for the development of HR Practitioners as effective HR Practitioners using the Ulrich Model. A recent offering to this program has been a global change management methodology, AIM.
  • The Centre of Career Development: Executive Sponsor, Pearl Maphoshe , Group Human Capital Executive.
    Our Graduate Programme is deemed part of our strategic priorities, and has been designed to equip graduates, selected and employed by different Massmart divisions, with the retail skills necessary to embark on a career in Retail.

The Graduate Alumni Programme is designed to create opportunities for graduate alumni to acquire further skills and knowledge required for them to grow at Massmart. The programme focuses on Graduate development post the Graduate Development Programme.



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