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Massmart Graduate Development Programme

Just one part of the comprehensive suite of retail education programmes that make up the Massmart Corporate University, the graduate development programme is where young people get their first taste of what human capital development at Massmart is all about.

The programme targets final year and honours students studying toward degrees in Information Technology, business science, finance, marketing, logistics /supply chain, industrial engineering, business management, retail management and business administration.

High potential students who express an interest in the graduate development programme are first required to complete an assessment to identify the Massmart business area best suited to their interests and talents.

Successful applicants then complete a year long programme which consists of both retail theory and practical work experience in specific business areas. During the programme graduates are exposed to various learning opportunities which are geared towards sharpening business and retail knowledge , leadership and management skills as well as personal mastery skills. Decisive risk-takers, for example, might enjoy learning more about buying, while meticulous entrepreneurs often prefer finding out more about planning.

Matching the right graduate to the right retail career means that Massmart is able to develop keen students into competent retailers, ready to contribute to the group’s operational and leadership teams.


The selection process

1. Submit an on-line application form & questionnaire

What you need: your matric results and most recent academic record (results from year 1 of study)

2. Psychometric assessments

What you need: a reliable computer with internet connection – in a quiet room, calculator, paper & pencil

How you prepare: no preparation is required, only a good night’s sleep

What it entails: Verbal, Numerical and Inductive reasoning tests. These will take you  about 1h 30min

3. Telephonic interview by Human Resources

4. Occupational Personality Questionnaire (on-line)

5. Final interview by Line Management

6. Reference checks

7. Site visit (in some cases graduates may be required to do a site visit prior to receiving the job offer)

8. Offer

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