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Our strategic priorities

Improve and
grow our
core business
To drive the growth and profitability of the core South African business over the medium term.
Our progress in 2017:
  • A sharp cost focus through careful new store decisions, leveraging IT and digital to simplify in-store processes, and effective workforce-scheduling helped us maintain a 16.4% expenses to sales ratio
  • Despite 11 new store openings (2.8% space growth), improved inventory management saw inventory days reducing by one day to 54 days
Opportunities in 2018:
  • Game’s 2017 roll-out of SAP point-of-sale system and the 2019 roll-out of ERP is key to its long-term growth and profitability
  • The Masscash Retail and Wholesale executive teams were combined into a smaller executive team under the leadership of Kevin Vyvyan-Day
  • The Group’s supply chain focus on total cost-to-serve and value-added Financial Services drive continue to be a focus
Grow Africa
Sub-Saharan African expansion through opening Builders Warehouse, Game and Masscash stores.
Our progress in 2017:
  • Our ex-SA stores delivered the highest productivity on the continent at R181 million per store
  • Average sales per ex-SA store were more than four times higher than that of some competitors
  • Ex-SA expansion continued through opening a Game store in Ghana, a Builders Express store in Zambia and a Masscash Wholesale store in Zambia
Opportunities in 2018:
  • Over the next three years we anticipate increasing net trading space by 76,823m2, representing ex-SA space growth of about 35.6%
  • Currently 42 ex-SA stores represent an 8.3% sales participation
Grow online/
To expand, improve and refine our online/ecommerce offerings in DionWired, Makro and Massbuild.
Our progress in 2017:
  • Online sales grew by 47%
  • Four ecommerce points of presence with Makro, Game, DionWired and Builders Warehouse all currently using or migrating to the SAP Hybris platform
  • Wide and compelling omnichannel offering with 151 unique customer collection points
Opportunities in 2018:
  • In South Africa online sales represent only 1.5%-2.0% of sales. We anticipate this participation to grow rapidly
  • Makro and DionWired to evolve online offering with SAP Hybris implementation