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Creating value for our stakeholders

Massmart is committed to saving customers money so they can live better. Our ability to fulfil this commitment is dependent on the transparent trust-based relationships we build with our customers, suppliers, employees, regulators, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.

To achieve this we participate in numerous one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders and undertake regular engagements and themed discussions with subject matter experts.

  • We seek opinion from customers and suppliers through our intercept and advocacy surveys. Engagement occurs as needed throughout the year.
  • Engagement with our employees occurs through regular interactions, performance review and career planning discussions, CEO roadshows and the BUA employee engagement survey.
  • We are involved in public policy discussions with government and civil society representatives, and engage consumer interest groups.
  • We engage with shareholders through investor presentations, meetings and roadshows, and the Annual General Meeting.
Our stakeholders:
How we create value:
What matters to our stakeholders:
We have responded by:
Our customers
The people who to choose to shop in our 423 stores in 13 countries across subSaharan Africa and online.
  • Maintaining a low cost to sales ratio, which enables us to compete aggressively on price
  • Improving customers in-store experience through investing in technology
  • Providing responsibly sourced products
  • Price competitiveness
  • Product availability
  • Product quality and safety
The suppliers and service providers that enable us to carry out our business activities.
  • Partnering with suppliers that endorse responsible and ethical business practices
  • Supporting small local manufacturers through our Supplier Development Programme
  • Providing a regular source of income through our sourcing of products
  • Distribution channel efficiency
  • Business ethics
  • Brand custodianship
  • Responsiveness
The 48,000 employees who work across our business.
  • Offering an authentic retail experience and developing the skills necessary to be successful in retail
  • Delivering fair and responsible remuneration
  • Promoting a diverse and inclusive environment through employment equity and gender equality
  • Providing an opportunity for continued training and development
  • Competitive remuneration
  • Growth and development
  • Equal opportunity
Government and civil society
The Government departments, regulatory bodies and local authorities and civil society groups in the communities in which we operate.
  • Investing in education-focused social development initiatives
  • Contributing to fiscal revenue through the payment of taxes
  • Enabling sustainable supply and consumerism
  • Committing to ethical business and good governance
  • Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
  • Contribution to economic development
  • Sustainable seafood and timber sourcing
  • Focus on local procurement where feasible
The institutional and private investors who have shares in our business (and the fund managers and analysts who support our shareholders).
  • Maintaining consistent financial performance
  • Paying regular dividends
  • Delivering a consistent return on investment
  • Ensuring responsible corporate governance practices
  • Business performance
  • Good governance practices
  • Environmental, social and governance risks