Ecommerce / online

In order to remain relevant to a rapidly evolving and digitally connected Customer 2.0, Massmart must understand and stay in touch with the technology innovations impacting retail formats, and the increasingly complex omnichannel paths to purchase. We recognise that smartphone penetration and declining costs of bandwidth are creating a digitally-connected customer that will be ubiquitous in every market segment we serve. Put simply, the internet and mobile phone have created new dimensions in retail that enable us to raise the bar on convenience, service, choice and communication.

To take advantage of the opportunity to win, serve and retain customers in new ways, we must become literate in the new dimensions of retail, acquire new competencies and adapt existing assets, in order to retain and advance our leadership in the categories we trade, and market segments we serve. To this end we have spent time in various Walmart markets around the world to understand the context, trends, best practices and competency gaps impacting retail operations like ours, in order to inform our strategic choices. We have identified the need to evolve our formats to synthesise the physical and digital elements of retail, in ways that create compelling new value propositions for customers, and to align with their expectations of a digitally-augmented shopping experience; and new standards for convenience, choice and service.

Whilst the strategic choices and directions are clear, online shopping adoption in the markets we serve has been relatively slow. Consequently there is no burning platform driving an online shopping agenda. We therefore have the time to develop important foundation competencies and implement new systems in a phase of omnichannel readiness. In support of this, all of our operating divisions have brought strong focus to the acquisition of these competencies, and the development of supporting systems required to prepare their operations for omnichannel.

Private label

Private label has always been an important focus for our business, as can been seen from the innovation in product, point of sale and packaging execution of the brands. We strive for brand excellence through customer centric decisions in everything we do; these decisions should excite and delight our customers at every contact point.

Whether through product innovation, world class social media or website platforms off which our customers can not merely view product range, but also engage directly with us. With our Camp Master and Trojan repair centres we are unrivalled in the space of post-purchase customer care.

Private label has a number of benefits to Massmart: it builds trust; supports Everyday Low Cost (EDLC) and Everyday Low Price (EDLP); drives customer loyalty; creates and drives differentiation; increases profitability; and now, with the Walmart relationship, we are able to leverage opportunities and collaboration. We are continually searching for new products, brands and initiatives that both fulfil our customers’ needs and give Massmart Private Label a sustainable advantage.

Retail is largely driven off innovation and on-trend product and packaging development. The last quarter of 2016 saw the launch of the new ‘colour range’ under our Garden Master brand. We have an exciting gardening range in pink, lime and turquoise that were developed off world colour trends in the gardening category. Significant growth has been seen since the launch of this colour range innovation.

Makro Pick-Up Lockers

Makro now has 28 Pick-Up Lockers which allow customers to collect their online orders at a convenient time and place, as well as a further 42 lockers within the DSV Distribution network. This has proved a popular fulfilment option, allowing broader access to the Makro value proposition for professional and retail customers alike.