The Board is comfortable that it meets the King III principle of having an arm’s length relationship with the Company Secretary and confirms that the Company Secretary is not a Director of any of the main operating companies within the Group. Based on the outcome of a formal assessment of the Company Secretary, which was completed by the Chairman of the Board, the CEO, the CFO and the Chairman of the Audit Committee, the Board confirms that it has assessed and is happy with the qualification, competence and expertise of the Company Secretary, Philip Sigsworth, CA(SA).

The Company Secretary assists the Board in fulfilling its functions and is empowered by the Board to perform his duties. The Company Secretary, directly or indirectly:

  • assists the Chairman, CEO and CFO with the induction of new Directors;
  • assists the Board with Director orientation, development and education;
  • ensures that the Group complies with all legislation applicable/relevant to it;
  • monitors the legal and regulatory environment and communicates new legislation, and any changes to existing legislation, relevant to the Board and the Divisions; and
  • provides the Board with a central source of guidance and assistance.