Integrated annual report
for 52 weeks ended 27 December 2015
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Our business model
Our unique investment proposition is based on strategic and structural clarity; management depth, quality and diversity; product category leadership; format and geographic diversification; relatively lower risk; and growth, and is enabled by good governance. Our proven business model ensures that we are able to deliver stakeholder value.
  • Ethical and experienced leadership and management
  • A robust, flexible business strategy
  • Four focused independent Divisions, differentiated as retail or wholesale formats addressing different customer and market profiles
  • Proven high volume, low-cost model
  • Effective supply chain and leading
  • IT solutions
  • Established brands in a growing consumer market
  • Diverse geographical footprint
  • Walmart partnership

Strategic operating and financial framework
defined by Group management to guide Group’s activities
(Massmart Holdings)

Collaboration via our forums
to ensure Group-wide sharing of capabilities, knowledge and information
(Massmart Channel)

Implementation of Group-wide agreements
enabling greater extraction of value across Divisions, the most important of which is Group supplier negotiations
(Massmart Shared Services)

Ensure Group-wide consistent compliance
with best governance and national legislative requirements
(Massmart Compliance)

  • Exceptional value goods
    that meet our customers’ needs,
    through accessible retail and wholesale formats and online
  • Efficient routes to market
  • Responsible corporate citizenship
  • Savings for our customers, so they can live better lives
  • Job creation and employee development
  • Retail excellence
  • Supplier development and growth
  • A more sustainable future
  • Positive shareholder returns
  • Government revenue collection