20 outside of South Africa
(153 stores in 2014)
Full-time employees
(14,214 in 2014)
Massdiscounters is a multicategory general merchandise discounter and food retailer.

Game offers customers the widest range of branded products, at the best price, with a quality guarantee for customers.

DionWired offers the widest range of the world’s leading hi-tech brands such as Samsung, LG, Apple,SMEG and Bose to the South African high-income consumer. DionWired offers buyers an interactive shopping experience with tech experts on-hand to provide the best advice and on-site repairs and services.


Geographic presence:
South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia

all in South Africa
(19 stores in 2014)
Full-time employees
(9,500 in 2014)
Makro primary customers
Makro secondary customers, via trade
Masswarehouse is a warehouse club trading in food, general merchandise and liquor.

Makro sells general merchandise primarily to retail customers and food and liquor to wholesale customers, although retail customers’ participation in Food and Liquor is growing strongly. This blend gives it a robustness that enables it to trade comfortably in most economic cycles. The warehouse club format, with a no-frills approach, keeps costs down and provides the platform for a high volume, high margin sales offering of quality branded merchandise. The customer database of Makro store cards used at the point of purchase helps to keep track of active members.

The Fruitspot is an established wholesaler and distributor of fresh and cut fruit and vegetables.
It provides customers with quality products at best prices.


Geographic presence:
South Africa

6 outside South Africa
(100 stores in 2014)
Full-time employees
(10,187 in 2014)
Builders Warehouse
Builders Express
Builders Trade Depot
Builders Superstore
Massbuild is a home improvement retailer and building materials supplier.

Massbuild has four store formats that cater to different markets.

Builders Warehouse follows the warehouse retail format, offering an extensive range of competitively priced products with a large garden centre display and builders supply yard.

Builders Express caters to the homeowner and DIY enthusiast, focuses on a convenient location, a customer-friendly store layout with pleasing displays and personalised service and advice.

Builders Superstore focuses on the lower-income population in under-served markets around the country. These stores are conveniently located near commuter nodes.

Builders Trade Depot caters mostly for medium-to large-sized contractors and tradesmen engaged in building, maintenance and renovation projects. It trades from large regional low-cost outlets.


Geographic presence:
South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia

12 outside South Africa
(120 stores in 2014)
Full-time employees
(12,863 in 2014)
Masscash is a food wholesaler, retailer and buying association.
It comprises two Divisions, wholesale and retail.

The wholesale brands include:

CBW and Trident sell wholesale food, liquor and cosmetics in bulk to independent dealers, government feeding schemes, franchise members, small traders and hawkers.

Jumbo sells mainly cosmetics, toiletries and haircare products to individual customers and independent general dealers.

Shield is a voluntary buying association that buys products in bulk on behalf of 554 members who own wholesale or retail businesses.

Retail brands, which target the lower LSM group, include:
Cambridge Food consists of an on-site bakery, butchery and fresh fruit and vegetable offering. It sells a range of high quality national and Private Labelled brands across all major categories.



Geographic presence:
South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland