Human Capital

Massmart defines human capital as our commitment to our people
Estimated % employees
with medical benefits
2013: 53.6%


The objective of the Group human capital function is to
facilitate the execution of Massmart’s business strategy through people


Estimated annual per capita training investment
2013: R2,935


Unionised Staff
2013: 36.0%


Black management as a % of all management and professionals
in line with prior year



The retail industry is a fast and exciting business. It deals with a vast amount of suppliers, service providers and diverse communities.

We believe that each of our people brings a unique set of skills, experiences, perspectives and ideas that gives us the competitive edge. We believe people drive their own development, but it is our duty to provide an environment that is conducive for nurturing their talent and creating opportunities for them.
We offer an authentic retail experience which encourages a spirit of entrepreneurship. We recognise that a diverse and inclusive workforce is crucial for sustained business growth.
The Group actively seeks the continuous improvement of performance in the portfolio and its parts, through strategic and structural clarity, high market shares, excellent management, principle-driven ethical leadership, cost-effective technology and the sharing or accumulation of capabilities, knowledge, resources, influence and information.
To this end, thought-leadership, individual and collective performance, and collaboration throughout the Group are appropriately recognised, valued and rewarded. Our vision as an organisation is to deliver value to our customers, suppliers, employees, investors, communities and other social partners at large. We share people-centric values that define our behaviour and shape our culture, allowing us to: service our customers; show respect for the individual; and strive for excellence and integrity. Our adherence to these principles has created a unique work culture within our business. These are built on a foundation of integrity where the principles of honesty, fairness and objectivity guide how we apply these values in the workplace.
Massmart offers diverse career choices such as: Marketing, Business Intelligence, Accounting, Information Systems and Business Processes, Supply Chain, Operations, Legal, Compliance, Human Capital, Merchandising and International Commerce; to name but a few. This is what differentiates us and strengthens our value proposition to our employees. We aspire to be the most trusted retailer in Africa and the ultimate home of the career retailer. This goal can only be achieved when excellence is demonstrated through inspired and engaged people.

Talent management and succession planning

The objective of the Group human capital function is to facilitate the execution of Massmart’s business strategy through people. We do this by enabling the business with the leadership and technical capability required to competitively deliver on its strategy and value proposition. In particular, there is a need to manage the business risk associated with core and critical skills, and to identify and develop competent leaders at all levels throughout the organisation.
The Massmart executive succession management process is a key component in achieving this objective.
Bi-annual talent reviews of the most senior leadership talent across the organisation ensure that high potential leaders are identified, developed and retained for future opportunities.

Graduate Development Programmes

Massmart offers two distinct programmes for newly qualified graduates. The Graduate Development Programme (GDP) focuses on attracting and selecting newly qualified university graduates with a minimum qualification of a degree. These graduates are placed in different functional areas within the organisation at head office level such as supply chain, marketing, finance, human resources, information systems, corporate affairs, general merchandise.
The Store Operations Development Programme (SODP) has been designed to specifically attract and select graduates from universities of technology to fill our store talent pipeline. Trainees typically have a minimum of a Diploma in areas including business management, retail operations, entrepreneurship, supply chain and other related fields of study. The store operations’ trainees are typically high energy individuals who are keen to develop as career retailers. They enjoy customer interaction and rolling up their sleeves to get the job done.

The Massmart Corporate University

Massmart Corporate University was developed to create a robust, flexible and diverse workforce. Kevin Wheeler defines a corporate university as “a chief vehicle for disseminating an organisation’s culture and fostering the development of not only job skills, but also core skills like leadership, creative thinking and problem solving”.
Through this virtual institution Massmart aims to:

  • build a strong talent pipeline,
  • retain key talent,
  • facilitate best in-class training and development solutions,
  • align the learning agenda with business strategy, and
  • maximise our return on learning and development investment.

The university is tailored to suit industry best practice and to address the strategic objective of Massmart group. We offer functional acumen, strategic thinking, leadership, problem-solving and personal mastery.

Diversity and inclusion

Massmart is committed to responsible, fair and enlightened employment practices. This includes building and nurturing a diverse workforce that brings together the very best in local talent with world-class retail practice. Through diversity, we are building a business that is attractive to both young talented job-seekers and the seasoned professionals.

CEO’s Council of Women Leaders

To promote gender equality and foster female mentoring, we launched our CEO’s Council of Women Leaders in 2012.
The Council is chartered to advise senior leadership and act as a catalyst in the identification development, retention and advancement of women to more senior leadership roles. It consists of influential senior woman leaders across all functional areas in our operating divisions. These leaders are required to act as advisors and catalysts for women’s initiatives across Massmart. The Council partners with key leaders across the organisation to align all our efforts to achieve our Corporate Mission.


Massmart offers its employees a comprehensive workplace wellness programme called IMPILO. IMPILO Wellness Program was launched in 2006 and initially offered ARV treatment and VCT for all permanent employees and spouses. It has evolved into a fully integrated well-being programme.  An educational information session provides employees with lifestyle and health risks assessments.  The screening service includes tests for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, TB and BMI and each employee is given their own Health Card.