Who we are

Arising from the Massmart-Walmart ruling at the Competition Tribunal, Massmart established a R240 million Supplier Development Fund to assist in developing South African suppliers, particularly any Small Medium Enterprise (SME) which is Black-Owned; Black Empowered; or a local manufacturer of products. The mandate of the Supplier Development Fund is carried out in two areas: the Supplier Development Programme and Ezemvelo Direct Farm Programme.

The purpose of the Supplier Development Fund is to assist Massmart’s existing and new suppliers to enhance the quality of their products, thereby improving their procurement and supply chain.



The following are the key objectives of the Supplier Development Programme:

  • Improve quality of products;
  • Assist local suppliers to expand production capacity (existing and potential);
  • Assist suppliers to reduce input costs;
  • Enable Massmart to increase and diversify its local sourcing capacity;
  • Provide a route to market to deserving products (locally and internationally); and
  • Establish and build long-term, effective supplier partnerships.


Supplier eligibility

Eligibility for support from the Supplier Development Fund will vary among programmes. Basic supplier eligibility includes:

  • South African domiciled companies;
  • Small, medium or micro enterprises;
  • Agreement of programme terms and conditions, including periodic audit of company operations under certain programmes;
  • Can be a manufacturer or service provider;
  • If a funding programme is requested, the applicant must have a reasonable likelihood of success as determined by the Supplier Development Fund management;
  • Priority and preference shall be given to manufacturers of products that are environmentally and socially sustainable;
  • Supplier operations that have no negative impact on the South African economy;
  • Encourage positive South African development effects;
  • Creates or maintains employment; and
  • Women-owned, black-owned and black-empowered companies are encouraged to apply