Massmart aspires to be trusted by all our stakeholders but we are clear that earning and keeping trust is a journey rather than a destination.


It is about the way in which we conduct our business; the way that we source merchandise and deal with our suppliers; the way that we sell merchandise and engage with our customers; the way that we manage our operations and treat our associates; the way that we optimise returns and report to our shareholders; the way that we comply with the law and provide transparent disclosure; and the way that we demonstrate good corporate citizenship.

This section seeks to provide a balanced perspective that demonstrates that doing the right thing is core to our business philosophy. Specifically it summarises:


The way that we engage with stakeholders;

Our progress in enabling sustainable supply and consumerism, minimizing our environmental footprint and championing social equality initiatives; and

Performance indicators that enable an a comparative assessment of performance

Recognising that different readers may require more issue specific detail we also provide an additional reading list to provide greater clarity wherever possible.

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As we have reported previously, Massmart’s Corporate Accountability initiatives are identified and prioritised on the basis of feedback from stakeholders and with reference to the following six assessment criteria:





This has resulted in a Corporate Accountability agenda which is described in the matrix below:

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.59.08

(M) mandatory initiatives


These initiatives are described in greater detail here.